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Editor-in-Chief (EIC)

The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) has ultimate responsibility for all of the Law Review’s operations, activities, and final publication. Additionally, the EIC is the primary source of short- and long-term planning. The EIC acts as the Law Review’s liaison with the Law School’s administration and student body. The EIC works closely with the faculty advisor and all other Executive Officers. The EIC schedules and runs regular meetings and presides over all meetings. The EIC also oversees the workflow of MSLR, which includes articles, notes, online blog/comments, social media, and essays. The Executive Editor also organizes and coordinates the editing assignments for the Managing Editors and Board Member Editors and performs final edits on notes and essays.

Business Editor (BE)

The Business Editor (BE) is responsible for maintaining documents for the organization and meeting notes for MSLR Executive Board and General Body Meetings. The BE also properly handles the MSLR bank accounts and online payment platforms. The BE oversees collecting dues from current editors, the total operating costs for publication, and other community events. The BE also handles any income from the Law School Dean’s office, LSSB, University of Mississippi ASB, and any funds from the John Paul Jones Fund. The BE also maintains documents related to the IRS and any/all documentation with the Secretary of State. The BE must attend all required workshops dictated by ASB.

Legislative & Public Policy Managing Junior Editor

The Mississippi Sports Law Review (MSLR) Legislative and Public Policy Managing Editor (LPPE).  The Legislative and Public Policy Executive Board Position is a new position created to bring awareness, compelling discussion, and analysis of current and trending public policy and legislative issues intersecting with sports law. 


The LPPE Officer engages in scholarly thought by writing or creating programs affecting sports and the law on a national and international scale, will advocating for legal reformation in certain areas of sports law. 


The LLPE office helps shape, develop, and integrate the legislative and public policy component by assisting with symposium programming and scholarly legal commentary for the sports law review.

Executive Editor (EE)

The Executive Editor (EE) is responsible for assisting the EIC in all functions related to the MSLR. The EE is responsible for aiding the EIC in publishing publication material, scholarly edits, symposium activities, and community events. The EE, along with the EIC, will oversee The Sr. Editor of Articles and Notes with the control, flow, direction, and timing of edits for production and responsible for compliance with deadlines to meet the final publication date.

The workflow will include articles, notes, online blog/comments, and essays. The Executive Editor also organizes and coordinates the editing assignments for the Managing Editors and Board Member Editors and performs final edits on notes and essays.

Online Managing Editor of Articles and Notes (OME)

Online Managing Editor of Articles and Notes (OME) is generally responsible for soliciting articles and notes along with overseeing which notes are worthy of publication for online content. Final approval of any decision for publication is at the discretion of the EIC and EE. The OME is the primary contact for online authors and potential authors. The OME shall coordinate MSLR communication for online publication via the official website, all social media platforms, and any other online communication except for communication sent by the EIC, EE, or the Business Editor.

The OME reports directly to the EIC and EE. The OME is responsible for overseeing the Blog/Comment Editing Process. Any offers to publish via the Online Blog shall receive final approval from the EIC or EE after going through the editing process managed by the OME. The Online Managing Editor of Articles and Notes (OME) must maintain the MSLR website, social media accounts (not limited to Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook), and online blog space. The responsibility for maintenance of sites shall commence during the last week of May. The OME publishes all finished online material to the website following Blog /Comment Editing Process. The Blog/Comments process commences MidSeptember. The appointment of a Media Director, at that time, can be assigned at the discretion of the EIC. A

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Senior Editor of Articles (SEAN)

The Senior Editor of Articles and Notes (SEAN ) is responsible for administrating the first round of “Below the Line Edits” and the final edits of all student-written notes intended for publication. It includes a complete final edit of the student note during the 3rd Round Edits and a final citation check of 2L staff editors and the 3L notes editors. The edit is the final round of editing before the notes move to the Executive Editor and the EIC. The Sr. Editor is responsible that all Members produce a Note of publishable quality if their note is not selected for publication in the annual volume.

Symposia & Outreach Managing Editor (SOE)

The Symposia and Outreach Managing Editor (SOE) serves as the representative of the MSLR to the University and community‐at‐large. The SOE aids the EIC & EE produce symposium activities and community events. The SOE position also includes assisting in the publication and creation of online materials for symposiums and community events. Additionally, The SEO participates in the editing process throughout the year. The SOE works together with the EIC in creating an annual theme and topic for each symposium. The SOE works along with the Business Editor regarding Budgeting for the Symposium. The EIC approves the final budget of any event.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Junior Managing Editor

The Mississippi Sports Law Review (MSLR) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Managing Editor & Officer.  The DEI Executive Board Position is a new position created to further the University of Mississippi School of Law Diversity Initiative.


The DEI Officer integrates diversity through membership and showcases diverse perspectives in scholarship through legal writing.  While being cognizant of bias, The DEI Officer is committed to creating programming and promoting voices that specifically exhibit the rich experiences of all backgrounds and viewpoints present in the legal community at large.


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